NEED began its journey in 1995 as a Voluntary Development Organization (VDO). Since that time, it has grown from a completely voluntary organization to a professional institute with activists, teams, volunteers, and networking organizations. Together they persistently provide process-oriented educational inputs, create demonstrative models, and work proactively to widen the circle of impact on the lives of deprived women and children.

NEED began with an experiential learning idea. There are millions and millions of poor women and children who need and want to be mobilized, organized and educated functionally to strengthen their positions. There are large numbers of like-minded organizations that possess energy, enthusiasm, and time to reach out to these primary stakeholders. The simple idea then, was to bring together the three: women, children, and teams of activists through networking and cooperation. Once the connection between these three was made, the milestone of NEED was built and it started its journey to fulfill the people’s needs.

Historical Perspectives of NEED:

Driving Urge behind “The Founder”:

NEED’s journey began in the mid-1980s when the founder, Mr. Anil K. Singh came, immediately after passing out from country renowned Xavier Institute Ranchi, into contact with another pioneering institute, the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad wherein a golden learning opportunity to work, study & grow with a committed faculty, including then Director of IIMA, the late Ravi Mathai, a person with an exceptional human touch.

Since Anil himself comes from a peasant family, he could very well feel the pain of their living conditions and above all the social exclusion that deprived communities, particularly women and children, face in their lives. Even after being associated with autonomous and government-led institutions and after working at senior level positions, he always remained in constant touch with grassroots professionals, spiritual leaders, trainers, and behavioral scientists, including his rural parents who always (and still do) prove to be his closest friends and inspiration. It is the blend of his interior and exterior realization based on his traditional wisdom, experiential skills, and capacity to grasp grassroots challenges, followed by his practical visionary approach that together have enabled Anil to stand, struggle, and strive with a vision of empowering poor societies. He always wanted to create A BIG HOME for self-reliance through social, economic and political upliftment. Therefore, after working about 15 years in the formal sector, he developed an urge to change and NEED’s collective mind and mission was thus born on 22nd day of May 1995.

NEED from Northern Region of India with deeper penetration in eastern region of Uttar Pradesh (i.e. the most highly populated, minority concentrated to some localities, heavily poverty stricken and unserved region of the country) is an organization of 280 social entrepreneurs focusing on Mobilizing the Community, Promoting Pro-Poor Livelihoods, Healthcare including Sanitation, Safe Drinking Kits, Nutrition (i.e. on many fronts it becomes more severe than hunger), Creating a cadre of community based Village Health Guides, Community School Teachers, Micro-Planning with Village Councils with public and private service institutions and similar very focused issues that affect the daily living lives of larger section of community (i.e. rural and urban slums). This diversity of services is directly integrated to the some extent even with Micro-Credit Products of NEED and financial institutions. Such targeted communities are Minority groups, Youth, Artisans, Women, Marginal farmers, Children and many others who are in a still very deprived and disadvantageous condition. Currently, our grass-roots network reaches 5500 villages and 2250,000 people in urban slums and the rural districts in Uttar Pradesh & Bihar, India. Our potential is limitless and we, as Social Entrepreneurs, always stand in delivering the services in order to continue to grow and excel……

With this spirit of our team commitment, the organization has……